Engraving Supports

Our workshops are equipped with the latest technologies in engraving, cutting and digital printing, to be more in tune with the signs of our time.

Engraving allows precise and indelible identification on all types of media. Without contact, the Laser marking makes it possible to overcome the hardness of the parts.
Based on the implementation of a laser beam, this process allows to dig the surface of the material.

It guarantees the inalterability of the information engraved whatever the support: metal, glass, wood, Plexiglas, … This technique does not impose any quantity constraint because the rendering is identical from the unit piece to the large series.

The laser allows to cut thin material thicknesses with a better precision and a better quality (cutting of 0.3 to 8 mm for our machines). The laser works without exerting any effort on the piece whatsoever on the wood, plexiglass, leather … without any burrs, the cut is clear and precise clear, of the order of a tenth of a mm and a significant speed following thickness and cut material.

The cutting of holes and complex shapes is done without difficulties.
The sign in cut letters gives a certain lightness to the visual of the facade. It harmonizes with the background supports and gives relief to your identity. It settles in offset of the wall mounted on rods. It is usually plexi but is also available in aluminum. It is lacquered to your colors and may be suitable for a backlight.

We can offer engravings and cuttings on plexi, wood, leather, imitation leather, marble, glass and brass